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Grains of Sand From Your Main Beach.

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A single gal's paradise - Santa Cruz, Ca.

I have sat around for the last 24 hours thinking of what impressive things to write about for my first blog. I came up with zilch. Not one word of new wisdom to bestow upon the millions that might happen across my blog. My solution was easy enough: just start. It’s what every writer struggles with. The massive pressure we put on ourselves to have some brilliant advice or an epic tale. The truth is that it doesn’t happen in a day. So I decided to be totally vain and write about my life. It can be messy, like whoops got too drunk and ended up in a kayak in the middle of the ocean after leaving an $80 tip at Zelda’s. It can be nerdy…like spending 3 hours in a book shop, partially because I’m too poor to buy everything I want to read and partially because the hottie selling the books is helping me discover new reads. You can’t even begin to imagine the in between moments but don’t worry, I’ll fill you in on those as I go.


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Vagabond hearts are thick as thieves and wander freely

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