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Writing What I Can’t Read


Narnia (Photo credit: Alex of Gothenburg)


Nerding out at S.C. Bookshop

I have to admit that I am a total nerd. A book worm to the fullest. Chronicles of Narnia? 5th Grade. The Lord of the Rings? 6 & 7th grade. Harry Potter (yup, love me or hate me for it) and the books I swore I would never read…The Twilight saga. I’ve been catching up on some classics but finally I’m ready for a nice solid series of twists and turns and actual plots I can’t figure out in the first 20 pages. Also, is it so hard to find an editor that is actually worth your money. Or, oh wait… they must be self published.

I was walking through the book store* today, letting my hand lightly drag over every books I passed by on the shelf until I got to one that had a promising title. Yet disappointment struck every time.  I started thinking to myself, “Ok, I’m looking for something juicy though, something I can really fall in to and not want to come back until every page has played across my mind like a movie. More then 200 pages, yikes what is up with up and coming authors?! Give us a challenge. I understand that there are a lot of people who are starting to read. Great, perfect. I’m not them though. Basic sentences are something I can write, but reading (whistle).  I want to be inspired, want to feel a real connection to the character…cry, laugh, hell I want to get angry. Give me something I can relate to, a story in a far off land or right next door with a girl that shares qualities I have or want. Complex characters. Harsh, passionate, sweet love. Plots that have me bumping into walls only to reveal a secret door that was there the whole time.” I know, I know, right. I have the best conversations with myself.

Then it struck me. You aren’t finding anything you want to read. Maybe you should write it. Maybe you can’t find anything because you have this idea in your head and even though it’s nothing you can see (like at all) just some weird craving of the verbal sort, you need to get out before you can find what you’re looking for. It could be exactly what I’m looking for. I can’t help but wonder if amazing authors ever felt like this?


*Santa Cruz Bookshop on Pacific Ave.


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  1. What you said about books these days… I believe every author tries to do their best. Maybe some prefer the cliche stuff, but most want to engage their readers.


    • I agree, how ever that does not mean that they should produce a product that is filled with errors and justify charging money for it. Especially if it’s more then a few dollars.


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