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Budget Friendly DIY Christmas Gifts

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So I’m trying to be budget minded. It’s a pretty new concept so I decided to plan ahead and come up with inexpensive Christmas presents for family and friends. Here are a few I will be attempting to make for the up and coming holiday.

This one would be for a few of my Santa Cruz girls who love organic things and Bath and Body Works. It’s like a 2 in 1 plus I made it with love, beat that Oprah. You can find it here:


This one is for my girls who love playing with their hair and are travel guru’s. I have a few friends traveling the world at the moment and they will love that they can do their hair right before jumping on a flight or a train!


Pillow Mail? My Southern Bells are going to love it when this shows up at their door step with a little message to make them smile.

This is for all of the romantics  on my Christmas list. I know they’ll put it to good use.


These would be for my Sportaholic friends. The no sew blanket appears to be easier but I’m hoping to find someone who can help me with bracelet. If I manage the task I might slip one into my own stocking.


I know this isn’t really DIY but it’s just so damn cute. My girly girls who can’t resist mani’s and pedi’s are going to love it. Plus I can keep their hands warm and might switch it up with toe socks.

Ok, Ok, so again this isn’t a diy gift BUT it is about helping someone with their own diy project. I love the gung-ho attitude about this present. It’s pricey so I’m thinking husband or dad. And yes, the “Let’s Do This” painted on the bucket alludes that you will be helping with the project. It’s the best part about it to me, so suck it up and give a hand.

Are you thinking “creepy?”.  HAAA, me too. That’s how I knew this was the perfect gag gift for my girl friends that always want a boyfriend but can’t keep them around or just don’t have enough time for one. I plan on borrowing a guy friends cologne and spraying it mercilessly until it reeks like an Abercrombie store.

Most of you will do this for your significant other. Me? My favorite co-worker that’s like a sister to me. I’ve decided on top of the Riesens candies I’m going to add little quotes and things that are amazing about her.

I can’t honestly say who I will give this to  because I don’t know if I’ll succeed at finishing it. Even if I did it might resemble something more like a dog toy. We’ll see.

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