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Quotes For Your Troublesome Twenties

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These quotes have and still inspire me through the difficult days of my 26 years.

1. Have a Dream Career ? No, not a job, a career. I hope so. You’re still young and this is the perfect time to realize (if you haven’t already) that you will need to work your ass off to achieve that dream job. Even when no one else is. Even when you feel like your bosses don’t appreciate it. This is about your character and your character can make or break your future.

2. Don’t know what you want? You have time. But if you’re in a “it’s now or never” circumstance try the quarter toss. This does not apply to men or anything that lacks rationale.


3. DO NOT SETTLE. I don’t know you personally, but you’re worth more than you could ever dream of.

4. Sure, being slutty or acting slutty can be fun…when you’re a girl rebelling against the world and by world I mean parents. Shake it off sister, you’re no longer a teeny bopper. Use foul language with your girls and close guy friends (obviously not the potential boyfriends). This might sound crazy but you can dress in a sexy, classy way. I’ll prove that in another post. So for now keep the nip slips to a zero and cover those ass cheeks, grandpa’s get hard ons just as easy as the guy you think you’re impressing.

5. Positive thinking now will lead to positive results. Instincts are even more important. INSTINCTS are ALWAYS right. So make choices that will take you to where you want to go, even if they are risky. Hell, especially if they’re risky. The worst that can happen is that you wake up the next day knowing you tried, failed and now have to find a different way to go about it.

6. Tough one. Love in general can be messy. That’s why you can’t be looking for it constantly. If you’re some hopeless romantic believe in this… LOVE WILL FIND YOU. If you could make the world take a poll asking them if they were looking for love or if just happened most of them would say “I found it when I least expected.” That’s because they stopped looking for the person that would make them happy and started focusing on doing it themselves, until some one saw them being happy on their own. Just ask yourself, are you attracted to guys that act needy, or the ones that are always doing something?

7.  You’re in your 20′s. It can still be hard to let go of the gossip. To you gossip queens, I know you have seriously thought of and even attempted to give up slandering other girls. It’s just that, well everyone should know what she did, or said…or how you feel about her. What you fail to realize is that you’re making yourself look bad. Ugh, I know. I sound like your 5th grade teacher. Really though, the girls your gossiping with walk away knowing they can’t trust you and wondering what you say about them. Ughhhh, your mom was right too! I have faith in you though. If Lauren Conrad can come out of The Hills and leave all of the gossip behind so can you! It’s going to take a while and other gossip queens are going to hate not sharing juicy tidbits with you, but in the long run more people will trust you. Being the main bitch is so high school. Being the nice girl will get you further in your newly discovered adult world. That is not to be confused with getting your ass ran over and used by everyone in the office. Make sure you act classy and not sassy. That also applies for your group of friends. If they’re just using you go make better friends.

8. This means when you’re with family or your significant other, leave work at work. When you’re at work, be professional and keep family stuff or break ups outside of the workplace. Give everyone around you your undivided attention. They want to be listened to just as much as you. Rumor has it that if you listen – really listen to people – they’ll listen to you. Don’t forget to take time out for yourself and meditate or journal or just do your thing. It’s healthy, not selfish, to have some “me” time in your day.


9.This is detrimental. No, really. Stop and read it again. No one can teach you to love yourself. No matter how much a person tells you that you’re beautiful, if you don’t see it, you’ll never believe it. If you don’t believe it you’ll never act like it. I’m not some skinny chit who has some amazing body and personality. I just love myself. In sweats or a dress, with mascara or with out I am one smoking babe who knows how to have a good time.

10. This goes for all things. From meeting new friends  (who might be the ones planning your bachelorette party) to a future business contact. Today getting the career of a life time is almost always dependent on knowing someone… so get out there and meet people!


11. Failed at something? Heart got smashed into a million pieces? Stand back up, shower away the tear streaked mascara, put on that killer black dress, let your hair down and knock’em dead. You’ve only got one life to live and you’re not going to let anyone ruin it. (If it was a huge heart-break you have 3 work days to cry your ass off (2 if it’s weekend). After that, write your emotions and thoughts down and leave them there. Be angry. Be sad. Get determined. Determination is sexy.


12.  Confidence. is. hot. If you’re not confident you don’t know yourself well enough. Take some time to get to know yourself! You’re amazing because of your personality, your character, your talents, the awkward things you do that you can’t help. It’s cute. Really. Being awkward or weird is way more interesting and attractive then putting yourself down and always digging for compliments. That makes everyone else feel awkward and is why you might be being avoided.

13. I’m 26 and still learning this one. If you’re in your early twenties get this down now, because it only gets harder with age. This goes for exercising, finances, and career goals. Stop talking about doing the 30 days squat challenge and turn that cottage cheese into a bubble butt. Stop saying you wont overdraft. Shhh, no really stop. Living pay check to pay check is not fun. Start saving EVEN IF IT’S ONLY $10 a month! As for Career, if it means working two jobs and interning for free with Cosmo where you might not get as much recognition as you’d like…just think about how many contacts you’ve made and how big that payoff alone will be. HUGE!

14. Why get excited about what everyone else is doing? Why not get excited about what you’re doing? Your job/career… do you love it? Is it everything you’ve dreamed of, is it exactly where you saw yourself at this age? If not, then what are you doing??? Are you afraid you can’t do what you really want to do? Stop letting fear and worry keep you from living out your life. Start taking steps to reach your goals.

15. I can’t stand all of the quotes that say “Have a bitch attitude blah blah blah.” Being a bitch will not get you anywhere just like fighting every battle will not make you a war hero. If anything it’ll leave you dead. Figuratively speaking.

16. You’ll meet people your age that have a crazy true crappy life story. On the flip side maybe you’re the one with the shitty life story and meet some one who has a life people dream about. Either way you can’t compare failures and achievements. BUT you can chew on the experiences they faced and the knowledge that they might bring to you.

I’ll leave you with this………..



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