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My Monday, Not Yours

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I am always being inspired by what others are doing. Seriously, I can spend all day on Pinterest and Instagram looking up all of the new things every one is making, traveling to, or doing. For a good minute I was Pinterest and Insta zombie. Soaking up all of the inspiration until I was glowing ( possibly from the electric vibes that I absorbed from my laptop) and so excited about fulfilling my dreams that I burst. Right here. Right now.

I told myself “Write Something! Today shouldn’t be wasted on observing others and their achievements but on making your own!”


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Not to say that your achievements aren’t going to be as awesome as mine, but I can only live vicariously through all of you for so long. A BIG THANKS though, for every ounce of inspiration you’ve given to me.

My next posts is going to be about how you and I are going to land our dream jobs. Already have your dream job? Shoot me an email about how you got it and if its fun and informative I’ll throw it in my collaboration. You can find my contact info on the “Welcome To My Mess” page.

Thanks for all of you NaNoWriMo’s. You’re a huge part of that inspiration.

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