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Stumbled Upon Sunday


I’ve decided to make Sundays the day where I share the best things I stumbled upon during the week. Don’t worry, I’ll only share the things I clap excitedly about, oooh and ahhh over and on occasion the things that make me drool. Half naked man or food, does it really matter?

1So this week I became OBSESSED with Reign.

A television series on the CW Network (although I watch it via Hulu) that gives a somewhat historical look in to the life of Queen Mary from Scotland. It’s based in France in the year of 1557, when Scotland and France were allies with each other and on guard against the English.

It literally had me hooked within the first minute when something goes horribly wrong for a nun and Queen Mary is finally sent to France. Mary needs the King’s heir to wed her before someone succeeds at killing her or war is declared against the Scots.

Mary’s friends are brought along to serve as her ladies in waiting. They are a fun group of girls but are realizing that it’s not always fun to be the young queen’s friends. One of the best parts so far has to do with either a ghost, a witch, or just some crazy girl who has yet to really be revealed. The plot has a lot of twists and we’re only 3 episodes in!!!

2. Thanks to Reign I discovered a few new songs for when I’m writing.

3. I have been seriously inspired by other women lately. Pinterest has a lot to do with that since that’s been the way I’ve been discovering my soul sisters. They don’t about our web sister connection but if they stumble upon my blog they’ll feel it.

            A. Up first is Sara Mueller of Sara Mueller Designs.

As a gal starting out and really starting to take blogging seriously I. loved. every. word. Sara did a great job of reaching out to me, grabbing my hand and saying, “Girl, you’ve got this. Just stick with it.”

            B. Next is Jessie Nissen, a girl I had worked with a few times but never got to know really well, except that she was a hard worker and needed a place that would appreciate her skills a little more. My jaw hit the floor when I found out she had started her own jewelry company!!! Jessie has to be in her mid twenties and had been known to hand out jewelry trinkets to the girls at work…but damn. I am beyond impressed with how quickly she took her dream and made it into a career. 

You can contact Jessie for any custom bracelet at

4. Discovered where you can read books online for free. Not all of the books are free though, so be careful!

Where I just started reading The Selection by Kiera Cass.



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  1. Thanks for the sweet words! And so glad you found my 20 things helpful.



    • Any time! I also loved how visual it was and decided to look into how you made it. I think I found a great site for infographics, so thank you for inspiring that as well!


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