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DIY Christmas Decor

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How cute are these guys? The best part? Make it a girls night with a 6 pack of Blue Moon, Smirnoff, or Martinelli’s Sparkling apple juice (Costco).


Don’t have enough money to buy a Tree? Is your house cramping your Holiday style? Try this tree on for size!


Mason jars… I just can’t get enough of them! Love this display! Would be really cute as a center piece.


This pine cone decoration might find its way into my window display at O’Neill.


IF you’re not overwhelmed with stockings this would be a great idea!


If you’re a klutz, please don’t attempt this decoration…or find a pyro to help you. Preferably a non-clumsy pyro.


The link from Pinterest was a false link.


Depending on the fabric you get this could look anywhere from SPuNkY to Elegant. I just like how I don’t have to sew.




I love simple ornaments I just have to figure out how to make these!


If you’re a Wino this is perfect for you!




More to come in a later post.




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