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10 Excuses Why You Shouldn’t Try To Get Your Dream Job

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  1. Your boss really needs you. If she/he only knew how much of the work you did and that you’re glue of the business,well, they would just die if you walked away. Straight up heart attack. And since you’re the dedicated employee that you are, you could never let that happen. It would take them months to find some one who could carry the load as well as you. If that’s even possible. Sure the company was getting by before you got there, but now that you’re carrying it on your shoulders it would all come tumbling down.
  2. Time is against you, for now. Fifty hours of your week are already dedicated to work. Then after work there’s yoga, after that you need to catch up on your weekly shows (America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Shark Tank… Ahem. Jobs you wish you had), plus you have to make time for the girls and your boyfriend/husband. Obviously your future dream job is just that; in the future.
  3. You’re waiting for the perfect timing. Ya know, When your boss will just up and tell you it’s time that you followed your dreams. That you stop focusing on making her/his company such a smashing success. You’re waiting for the money tree to in the back yard to bloom. Not to mention you don’t have the degree or experience it will take, so you have to wait to get in to the classes you need.
  4. Money doesn’t grow on trees. That tree you thought was a damn money tree turned out to have lemons. Saving up money takes time. You haven’t been lucky enough to just find some lying around. All of the money you spend has a significant purpose. Outfits, hair and nails can’t be dropped out of the budget. You’re a working woman, your only option for food is to waste a good portion of money on eating out. After all you don’t have time to waste on cooking, even if it saves you $100 a month. There is no possible way you could waste time talking to people and asking for money. Only bums ask people for money, or people who have no self respect.
  5. You can’t choose. You would just die if you could be a freelance writer for Cosmo (Cosmopolitan). Or what if you opened a bookshop that also serves coffee, it’s so you. Just like owning a cute boutique downtown. And than there’s starting some sort of travel blog that could make money. Oh, you can’t forget how cool it would be to sell your own jewelry on Etsy and at trade shows. Photography could be easy but where would you start? You love to play with make up and your friends always beg you to do theirs. You could see a future in any of these things. However, those things don’t pay the bills, so you’re stuck at the 9 to 5 grind until you can narrow it down.
  6. Every one believes you will fail in an epic way. And you’re not too sure that they’re wrong. Like you’ve already said, time and money aren’t on your side. Plus the whole dilemma about lacking the knowledge of what you’d be doing.
  7. Every one believes you can do it. That’s overwhelming! What if you fail when you every one is rooting for you? What will your cheerleaders think of you then? No, no. It’s better to never attempt it and be happy knowing you didn’t let any one down. OR attempt it and end up looking like a total idiot. Phew!
  8. Your education is all wrong. You majored in English.  Congrats on that by the way. But now it turns out you needed Communications for your dream job.  Or You haven’t been able to afford an education, after all, lemons don’t have monetary value. ANNNDDDDD every job states that it needs a specific masters or bachelor’s degree. You’re right. You aren’t awesome enough to impress them to the point where they would just hire you. That’s irrational.
  9. Experience? You want to be a model and weren’t lucky enough to be chosen by Tyra Banks for America’s Next Top Model. That’s not your fault. As for the travel blog, you can’t afford to travel past the outskirts of your city. So not much that can change that.
  10. You have no connections to the industry. Again, you don’t have the time to make connections. You can’t seem needy and ask your friend if her friend of a friend could help connect you to Joanna Coles (who just happens to be the Editor-IN-Chief of Cosmo). Cha, that’s just ridiculous. An even crazier idea would be trying to contact people of the jobs that you’re interested in directly. You’re just a little nobody, why would they ever respond. What could you possibly say to make them choose you? No. Way. In. Hell. would it ever work.

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