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I’m lounging on my couch eyeing my new panties from Victoria Secret (7 for $26!!!!) and trying to remember why I woke up so early this morning. Oh yea, it was to drop off my Best at his scuba class. As cute as that was, that’s a whole different post. Here are a few things that I came across this week.

Sometimes A lot of times as a writer I’m seeking some sort of inspiration for my articles. Things that speak to me. Elizabeth Gilbert did just that. Couldn’t. Get. Enough.

I must be really behind on this whole Pinterest/Blogging revolution. I’m totally ok with it though because things that might be old news for you are amazing discoveries to me! That includes making infographics.  I found the following infograph here an amazing inspiration

infograph is a great website that I found, that you might already know of. Feel free to share more of them though!

Music wise this song inspired a new playlist on my Spotify. Something about it just makes me write. Stirs up my creativity and gets it pumping through my veins.

An interesting article on The Book Thief actress Sophie Nelisse who gave up Olympic Gold for the role.

An inspiring read for those of you who love to learn:


Interested? Check it out with a click.

Have any recommendations for me to check out? Leave a comment or contact me.


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