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Holiday Wish List

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This is one of my favorites! Put some navy blue or maybe maroon leggings with it and a cute pair of boots. Find it at Victoria Secret

Bailey Button Ugg


I love the blue and black small Bailey Buttons. The colors are too much fun to resist!



I need these leggings, like yesterday! Levi’s are just a few of my favorite things.




Call me crazy but since I’ve deemed myself a writer I can’t stop thinking I need to carry around a leather bag and constantly have a behind my ear and a notebook in my pocket.



So here’s the thing about this particular “WISH”…. I have no idea where the outfit is from. I’ve looked everywhere and no one gives the maker any credit!!!

Sponsors for my blog đŸ™‚


Rosetta Stone – French Addition.

I couldn’t get a picture of this next one but it’s awesome! Pinterest gave me this brilliant idea to cut a beer bottle and make it into a candle. Sad thing is that the way it said to do it didn’t work. The amazing internet connected me to a bottle cutter though. You can find it here.


A free round trip to New York.

That’s all for this Holiday season.





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