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I did a guest post for another blog yesterday and failed to post to my blog. Life got in the way. So here’s what I stumbled upon last week:

I can’t stop singing this song. In the car, in the shower, it’s even popping into my head while I’m reading.  It’s like James Blunt read my mind. I honestly feel like the person he describes (although James might picture it as a woman I can’t help but think of a man. Or maybe he meant it to be a man.) What ever the case I want to meet some one with a bonfire heart. Maybe it will be the perfect match for my gypsy soul.

2. I found a website for learning how to code for free!


3.  WHAT THE…. our society is getting so creative when it comes to technology. Pretty soon we’re going to be living the lives of


4.  lifehacks

Hate how painful your flats are? Not sure how to get red wine out of your favorite shirt? Tired of deodorant on your black dress making you look like an idiot?? Check out this amazing post on Buzzfeed.


jarchallenge  The 52 week money challenge will be exciting when IT’S OVER!  Read up on it and consider joining me on this not so painful adventure.

6. The Holidays are coming up and I’ve decided to prep my body for some amazing meals. I plan on having no guilt or shame when I show my thankfulness on Turkey day by eating everything in site.




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Vagabond hearts are thick as thieves and wander freely

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