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What Happens at My Surf Shop?


Today was typical. I was working on visually merchandising a Roxy table when a customer got my attention.

“Can I ask you a question?” asked the mid to late 40-year-old man.

“Of course!” I said.

“If you and I ever got married, which shirt would you pick for our kid?” asked the CREEPY mid to late 40-year-old man.

“Well if you were lucky enough for me to have your kids, I’d go with the blue. But your shirt says you’re a Jets fan so that will never happen.”

Me:1 – Creepy guy: 0

Just so we’re all aware I didn’t say it in a rude way. (Hard to believe but I swear. More like a teasing way. Yea, dumb move I know.) Of course Captain Creepster gets it in his head that I want to chat more. He tries again with another over used opening.

“So I’m new in this town.” He says as he moves aside all the clothes I’m working on and leans over right in front of me. “Do you have any favorite spots you would recommend?”

“It depends on what you want. I’m a nerd so I love the book store, Starbucks (I admit that I’m an addicted consumer) and the Ocean. If you’re looking for bars I hear 99 is always good. Especially since it’s not even noon yet.”

He laughed and leaned in more, “Well I have some where I have to be. But I’ll see you soon sweet heart.”

UGH! YUCK! I wanted to take a shower and scrub off the creepsters I got from him. Seriously some guys are too…BLEH!

I finished my table, and I must say…it’s just smashing! I’ll post a picture. I headed over to the register where a customer is waiting to be rung up and start the process. In walks Mr. Gorgeous. He’s been in here before and is on a friend basis with my manager. Now you should know a few details about said man. He is tall, blonde, blue-eyed. Slightly famous for a being an out of control bad ass for a certain major league sports team. Amazingly enough, he doesn’t pique my interest because he’s famous. It’s more like he has some sort of power over women when he smiles at us. It’s borderline repulsive because no one is immune it. He also happens to be ridiculously genuine, funny and nice. I’m telling you, if they’re not the good guy we don’t want than they’re the famous guy we could never have.

“Anything new?” Mr. Gorgeous asked.

“Ummm…” I said as my stomach did a flop, “OH! I got a new second job.”

“Oh, where?”

“At the new bar and lounge” I answered.

“As a waitress or bartender?” Mr Gorgeous asked and then smiled.

“Waitress with potential to be a bartender. They said I that have the personality for it!”

“Well congrats!”

“Thanks!” I blushed. “Wow! That’s a big book, I didn’t think your type was smart enough to read.” I TEASED. Said man knows me for my teasing comments. I couldn’t believe it when he slightly blushed.

“Oh, it’s um, just a Russian classic.” He slightly mumbled.

“That’s great! I had Sunday and Monday off and had my nose in a book the entire time. I’m such a nerd.” I blushed deeply at my confession.

“That’s not nerdy. What book was it?”

“It… it was just a, a stupid romance…by umm, by Jane Austin.” I stammered. I was making such a fool of myself.

“That’s not stupid at all.” Mr gorgeous replied.

I started to back away and mumble something while inwardly giving myself a firm lecture. A few minutes later we were all saying goodbye to him. I spent the rest of the day laughing over how much of a silly girl I had acted around him. So did all of my co workers.


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    • Thanks Rach! Maybe. You should have seen our last mix up. Oh man. He walked up to the counter while I was folding stuff and said, “Folding stuff, huh?” I wanted to retort “Well Captain Obvious, you could say that.” but instead came up with this masterpiece, “Chyea. I’m just so ridiculously good at it.” I almost slapped my hand to my forehead.


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