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The Good, The Bad and the Awkward: 2013

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IMG_0240 Birthday DrinksIMG_1032Game Day!

The Good:

I made it to 26. Phew!

I went to Coachella! (For FREE! as a VIP)

I spent a night on top of my best friend’s studio watching shooting stars and talking.

I went to Big Sur.

I explored the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

My bestie took me on his 30th birthday adventure to Fort Bragg where we collected sea glass off of a secret beach that you can only get to by kayaks).

I met a French guy who is amazing and had a night of playing tour guide and it ended at a moonlit beach with a kiss…until beach patrol started making their nightly rounds of double checking that all of the people they had kicked off actually left. Which is how I lost my second pair of sandals for the year.

I learned how to make wire jewelry (which I LOVE).

I moved in with a couple of great gals after struggling for half the year with living arrangements.

I went kayaking in the Ocean with my Bestie for the very first time.

I and met an otter friend at Elkhorn Slough while kayaking (Monterey Bay).

I threw out the iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy Notebook II and haven’t looked back!

Not only did my family come down to visit me but so did my very best friend (more like soul sister)!

Went to my first Arts and Wine Festival.

I went to 5 SF Giants baseball games!

The Bad:

Kelton McCarthy, my beloved cousin passed away at 22 from hypothermia. It.Still.Hurts.

I sucked with my finances. In a huge way…like paid $4,000 dollars worth of over draft fees to Chase. The upside to that (…upside? OY VEH) is that I will never be over drafting again.

I had to pay $840 to the courts because they had suspended my license and I never got the letter informing me about it due to the fact that my amazing old roommates needed fire kindling. Suspended license?! I wish it was some great story but it was more of a miscommunication between the DMV and I . I had paid to have my car registered and tagged for California, yes that’s right I gave DMV the money. But because I was a cosigner for the car I had to get my aunts signature (couldn’t be faxed or anything because her signature had to be in ink). They gave me a month to do it but I failed to get it done in that time period. Next thing I know I had fines for missing court (again more kindling for fire) and didn’t know until a cop pulled me over.

I ended the year with a sinus infection that turned into sinusitis (seriously painful) and an infection in my mouth because of it.

I also didn’t get to see my family for Christmas because I no longer have a car and was getting back on my feet financially.

The Funny and Embarrassing:

After a long 3 day camping/dancing trip at Coachella, I made the 9 hour drive back. We left at midnight and arrived just in time to shower and go to work. After work I caught a bus to my friends. Only I got off at the wrong stop… or maybe it was the right one. I’m still not sure. Regardless, I was making great time until I looked up at street lights that weren’t familiar and it hit me that I didn’t know where I was. My lack of sleep and dehydration had hit me all at once. I had to call my friend and tell her what had happened. She laughed and tried to get me to help her locate where I was. About 3o minutes later she found me, she was a 5 minute walk just down the street.

I was talking to  Val (roomy) about a dress I was trying on, explaining that it pretty much would show all of my nipples if I didn’t wear a bra but it came out some jumbled mess like this,” I can’t wear it because I don’t have nipples.” Needless to say we rolled on the floor with laughter.


On my birthday a few of my close friends and I were enjoying the Sunset from Steamers Lane and taking as many photographs as we could. When we were re-enacting the famous scene from The Titanic of Rose and Jack at the front of the ship a bird decided to gift me a “Shplop” right on to my black top. My friends jaws dropped…until I broke the silence with laughter. Than it was hysterical laughter from everyone and my Best (guy friend) got some paper towels and helped me to clean it up while the girls documented the whole thing on film.



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