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What I Will Achieve in 2014

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So I read all about New Year’s resolutions. The nerd in me found it interesting and not as depressing as I thought. 45 % of U.S. citizens TYPICALLY meet their resolutions, 24% of Americans actually complete them. 17% of us hit the ground running but rarely accomplish them and 38% of never even put our feet on the ground. That’s right, we say it but don’t do it or it lasts possibly a day before an excuse is issued.

I confess, I am and have always been apart of the 38% crew. What can I say? I just never really cared. Then something happened. I interviewed for a job and they asked me to bring my mission statement along with my resume. Now I’m either having a huge brain fart and just don’t remember learning about personal mission statements (thankfully I know all about mission statements for businesses) or I was never told about them. Anyways, I looked around the web for examples and was ridiculously inspired. That was in November. About half way through December I was even more inspired by reading blogs on people following their personal statements and reaching their goals which are pretty much leading them to their dreams. I finally figured out what goals I wanted to do in the upcoming year. Ironic how it all came into play right before New Years. Here is what I’m setting out to achieve in no particular order.

  1.  Travel –  Life isn’t meant to be lived in one place.                      St.Croix -iPhone pics
  2. Financial Security & Debt free.

    Photo Credit: Harbor Community Church's webpage.

    Photo Credit: Harbor Community Church’s webpage.

  3. Finish School.                                                                              Myeducation
  4. Learn French/Speak Spanish Fluently.

    Photo Credit: Rimuchan.tumblr.

    Photo Credit: Rimuchan.tumblr.

  5. Be an established entrepreneur.
  6. Spend more time face to face with Family, Friends and people. The siblings!Rachi-AKA sisterBest Aunt in the world
  7. Write every day.                                                                          mywritingobsession
  8. Get in Shape.!!

  9. Get back to living my faith out and let go of the bitterness.

    Photo credit: spiritualinspiration.tumblr

    Photo credit: spiritualinspiration.tumblr

  10. Learn to Design webpages or blog layouts.


I was also inspired by Gwen from Little Growing Pains  who wrote about celebrating our little achievements on the way to completing our Goals. Gwen will be doing a little party dance after any small step is made and I think I’m going to have to copy her idea. I’ll be sure to post all of my small and large accomplishments as they happen. I hope you’ll share yours with me as well!

What about you? Are you apart of the 24% that actually complete their resolutions, maybe the 17% that start but only do one or two, ooorrr are you on my old team of “sayers and not doers”? I’d love to hear what your resolutions for 2014 are!



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