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31 Day Goal Challenge


I have started a 31 day Challenge. I think I’ll end up doing it every month! The Challenge? To turn my dreams into goals and then meet those goals! I also plan on improving myself in a few ways. I want to learn French, get in to shape, eat healthier and grow more spiritually.

My biggest dream is to become my own boss. I’m setting out to achieve that by creating jewelry and blogging. I’m even considering reaching out to local businesses that revolve around planning and helping them all connect to more customers. For instance I’ll meet up with a hair dresser and connect her to an esthetician or another professional in the make up business. I’ll refer them to both to event planners, wedding planners and any one else that needs that type of service. It just seems like it would be such a fun thing to do!

So my goals:

  1. To have blogged 31 days in a row. (Write every day).
  2. To stick to my budget!!!! (I’m awful with my finances!)
  3. To have made 10 pieces of Jewelry
  4. To open an Etsy shop
  5. To have no cellulite (yea, I said it)
  6. To be able to run a mile without feeling like I’m going to die by the end of it! (I might be thin but I’m not in shape!)
  7.  To start off my Spring semester with a BANG by forming a plan for February (school starts on the 27th of January so in the 4 days that I’ll have attended I think my focus will be strong. It’s the next month that has me concerned).

What’s my game plan?

31 Day Challenge

This is my closet with the whole thing mapped out.

I have written my financial reminders. The green post its symbolize my pay days. If I follow my goal to make healthy meals at home I am rewarded on one of the weekend days for sticking to the plan (and if I don’t spend money eating out!). I also have a check box for getting fit at least 4 days of the week. I never want to go more than 3 days in a row with out exercising. I am using Sundays to plan out my blog posts for the upcoming week (It’s my day off) and then I’m using Mondays to write 2 blogs to help get my week started. I also intend on using Sundays and Mondays to make a few pieces of jewelry.

I already started the challenge but wanted to share it with all of you. The more we tell people what we are going to accomplish the more we feel obligated to achieve it.

I have written a list of almost 100 posts I want to write. That makes my Sundays easier! I just pick a few and my upcoming week is set. That gives me more time to create jewelry as well.

For getting fit I spent a few hours trolling the web for videos and recipes. I saved all of the youtube videos to my account and have it up and ready the night before so I can’t make excuses. The work outs are 12 to 15 minutes long and a few are just 7. My main focus is not to loose weight. It’s to tone what I already have. I could care less if there’s a gap between my thighs. I just want my butt to look like it did when I was 18 and my thighs to have definition again!!! I don’t want to just focus on that (because that’s my obsession) I know that to be really healthy and fit I need to work my whole body. I plan on dropping all of my awful eating habits which includes slamming back Starbucks frappuccinos, McDonald’s fries and cheese burgers and pretty much anything that’s fast, not healthy and can fit in my mouth.

For growing more spiritually I have a check box that says soul sesh (session). I was raised Catholic and became a protestant. I believe in God but can’t stand how Christians put words in God’s mouth, judge each other and don’t do what they talk about. I took a loooonnnnngggg break from church life but really want to find something to feed my spiritual side. So far my plan is to turn on some worship music and read my bible or books based on faith. I just want to hang out with God for the moment and not so much the people that claim to be His Children.

Any suggestions or ideas? What are you doing to make your dreams come true?


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  1. Woah! It looks like you’re really motivated and you have a great plan already set up. I love the idea of giving yourself a 30day challenge; it’s so much more manageable. Good luck!


  2. this is totally inspirational, haha! Good luck with everything! Maybe I can take a cue from you and start getting off my ass a little more!


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