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I have a ton of random things that are blocking my brain waves so I’ve decided to jot them down.

I just stumbled upon an amazing thing called Fancy Box. I read about it here (another amazing blog to check out). I love the idea of paying about (almost) $50 for about 150 worth of stuff. Apparently sometimes more! It’s pretty much a grown up grab bag.

I failed to write a blog every day. So no victory dance there.

I confess that I spent a lot of today whooping and hollering over the 49ers vs. Greenbay Packers game…while I was at work. I love that Verizon lets me live stream the football games on my Samsung Note II. AAAMMMMAAZZINNNGG. I sound like a horrible worker but the truth is I work my ass off and was covering for my sick boss. It’s great to be able to multitask so well as a woman. I got to see all of the Niners touch downs and managed to prep my back stock for our inventory process.

I also confess that I drove as if I was in the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious just so I could see the Bachelor. After all, it’s Juanuary. Oh Juan Pablo….how can I not giggle like a little school girl when his chiseled body comes on the screen? My heart melts when he talks about his little girl and I’m a total wreck by the time he’s tearing up talking to his dad about being away from her. WHY DID I NOT SEND IN A VIDEO????

Which leads me to my next thought… I am sending in a video for the next Bachelor. Seriously.

I also found this article on Cops being complete dicks because a guy they pulled over knew his rights and wasn’t going to let them intimidate him. They even said towards the end of the video (they didn’t know they were being recorded until almost the end) that he knew he was innocent and he knew his constitutional rights. SHIT LIKE THIS AGGRAVATES ME TO NO END. I plan on keeping my camera going when a police officer pulls me over. They try to tell people it’s illegal BUT IT IS NOT ILLEGAL. It’s apart of our rights.

Well on that peaceful note I’m going to grub out on some chips and French Onion dip, brush my teeth and pass out.



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