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Beating the Crap Out of Ourselves

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Beating the Crap Out of Ourselves

After I wrote that title, I paused and wondered if I needed to write anything more. Beating ourselves up is such a familiar experience that I think we all so get, there’s nothing more for me to say. But I will ;). – Jason Garner 

Alright my blogging friends I was asked to help promote this guys blog and upcoming book. Bare with me. So in order to really promote it I had to actually read what he’s writing. After all I don’t want to associate myself with some one that’s a jerk or writes things I don’t believe in or agree with. That all being said Jason is pretty hilarious. 

I actually like reading his blog posts and I for sure thought I wasn’t going to. My professor asked me to do it and at first I thought worse case scenario he’ll at least give me extra credit. He gave me a little of Jason’s story. Which I can some what relate to. He started out poor as dirt and with just a mom to raise him. Worked really hard (this is where what we have in common ends…starting with the next part of the sentence) and eventually made it to the millionaires club by being a producer of people like Madonna and also a CEO of some Fortune 500 corp. Than BAM his mom dies and his whole outlook on life changes. 

Anyways this specific post of his caught my attention right away and I thought that maybe a few of you could use reading it today. I hope you’re encouraged! 


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