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I would love to start a magazine or something for women based on women that inspire us. At first I only focused on women surfers because I feel like they’re the most down played (besides cheerleaders) and used instead mostly as sex symbols. Having worked in a surf shop and learning just what goes on during heats, well it pisses me off. Did you know that most of the good sets at an event are given to the guys, even if its time for the girls to paddle out they will actually cut off the girls and let the guys shred the waves. When the waves get smaller or if the guys rounds have ended the girls get the leftovers. How frustrating is that?

Anyways that was the basis for this concept. I googled around and saw that there are 2 online magazines and maybe 3 printed magazines (one which comes from Surfer Magazine but only quarterly). That my girl friends started telling me that I should do it for all women’s sports. I considered it heavily but after looking around on the web today decided that it’s too big of a job for me plus in all honesty I don’t care enough about women who golf or run or play basketball. I do like the surfers, volleyball players, snowboarders, gymnasts, cheerleaders and heck, even the runners but I don’t want to have to keep up with so many sports! So that idea is on pause for now.

Than I thought about Cosmo’s (Cosmopolitan Magazine) beat called “So You Think You Want My Job”. Pretty good stuff and always inspiring. I got to thinking that would be cool to do for my school paper. Find amazing women to interview about their jobs and how they got there. What they like and don’t like. Pretty cool stuff.

Also I have sent my resume in to Roxy (Quiksilver) to see if they’ll hire me as a visual merchandiser for the store or even an assistant buyer. Cross your fingers for me/ with me!



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  1. As a woman in sport, I wholeheartedly agree with everything that you’ve said here! PLEASE go ahead with your plans, whether it be in print, online, TV, radio, podcast, whatever – voices like yours are sorely needed!


    • Thank you so much! I’m looking into starting a go fund me or some other way to get donations rolling. I’ll keep you all posted!


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