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What I’ve Been Up To

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Time at the beach getting tan and playing with friends… after school was finally done   Starbucks Summer

Went to Opening Day for the SF Giants with the Best. THEY ARE KILLING IT, but sadly they lost the game we went to.

Giants Game with Best

I don’t know why I never really drank socially but a guy that came in to my bar changed my life in a few ways and showed me how fun drinking at bars and breweries is. *Responsibly*                                                                                  Beer 30- New Beer Garden

So last weekend I also got to try it on the O’Neill Surf Shop yacht. They hosted Discretion Brewery and the best part is that it only cost me $10 instead of the $40! Thanks to a few friends 🙂

O'Neill Yacht & Discretion Breweryoh yeah and I chopped off all of my hair! Cried the first night (where no one could witness the breakdown).

My New Short Hair

Wanted to make sure I looked at my dreams and goals every day for motivation so I made an empty frame into a collage to form my mantra.


 At school I was voted in to the spot of Features Editor with another student. That student ended up being dropped from the class. It was hard work to do the layout as well as edit everyone’s article and have to write my piece but I loved every second of it. I can’t wait to do it all again in Fall!Editor

I also went to Santa Monica with my roomy Val for 4 hours. It was an awesome day trip, 6 hours to Santa Monica, 4 hours there and then 6 hours back. Originally we went for an interview for her but it ended up becoming a great road trip as well. We played on the beach for a whopping 15 minutes!santa monica

There’s a lot more. Like the fact that since school is over I’m doing some PR & Marketing for my professor and a friend of his. I may or may not get a job with Roxy. I started reading a fantastic series that started with The Name of the Wind (a must read for all of your Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings fans). I met a really handsome guy who taught me a few things and reminded me of a few things but I’ll save that story for another post. Just know that it was brief. Now I’m getting antsy and wanting to move somewhere or fly somewhere. My soul has been shaken and now is back to being restless and the only thing that ever makes the storm calm is jumping on a plane or hopping in a car.

I have missed reading all of your stories but can’t wait to see what has gone on in your lives!


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