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20 Somethings- The One You Want

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Dear 20 Something,

You want someone who inspires you to be the same you that you are when you’re alone. The you that loves dancing in the kitchen wearing last nights sweats- or singing way off-key in the car so loud the car next to you can hear every awful note. Even the you that burns your dinner twice and then orders pizza because there’s no way in hell you’re trying one last time.

You want someone who makes you want to be better because you constantly watch them shower people with compliments and they pull generosity out of their pockets for people they just met. You want someone who encourages you to pursue your dreams, a person that leaves you notes on napkins and sends you reminders of the little victories you’ve had.

You want someone who makes you laugh so hard you cry. And the only times you cry will be because they’re hurt and what hurts them hurts you. You want someone who teaches you to look beyond yourself, that shows you how to love others but still love yourself.

You want that one person that in a crowded room only has eyes for you and you can feel their warmth across the room but they don’t feel the need to sweep past every one and hang all over you. You want someone who can enjoy your independence as well as your time together.

You want someone who loves the same adventures you do. From tossing your board in the water and paddling out in to the waves, to throwing your board on to fresh powder and crushing a path to the bottom of the mountain, or maybe your type of adventure is getting lost in a book or going around the board collecting money and trying to not go directly to jail. Whatever your adventure is you want someone who is always up for it.

You want someone who will argue with you but kiss you when it’s all said and done. Someone that uses reason even through their passion and can listen and communicate with out it becoming exhausting. You want someone who might need a few minutes to compose themselves after an argument but will come back with a pint of ice cream and Nerf guns, because every fight should end with a smile and chasing each other around until you find yourselves in a frenzy of passion.

You want someone who only tells you a lie if it’s white. Someone who you can trust as far and deep as the last galaxy.

You want someone who loves you just as much as you love them.

When you find that person, that some one….

be everything that you want them to be and more.

                                                           It takes being selfless to find true love.




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