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I Loved MY Crappy Shift Today

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Full Bar


I can’t lie. I’m not exactly into soccer. Going to a game? AWESOME! Watching one on tv? Ehhh.

None of that matters much though because I’m waitressing at a sports bar for the whole thing. I don’t get to watch a lot of the game… or any of it. However I do get to meet amazing people! I met a few Brits who were a little reserved at first but by the end of the night I had taught them the basics of baseball and was navigating them through the rest of their time in Santa Cruz.

Today was a shit show to say the least but the customers didn’t care too much. It was obvious we were over packed (the photos are pre-chaos). There was no seating, all of the standing space was taken by even more seats or people desperate enough to spend 3 hours on their feet. I couldn’t take a step with out bumping into some one. Imagine carrying a tray of beers through a mosh pit… that was my life. Every time England or Italy scored People jumped up, drunk and unaware of their body parts be flung about–  right in to a beer.

Pre Patio Chaos

Pre Patio Chaos

It got to the point where I felt like I was on some crazy ass roller coaster and just wanted it to come to a stop… but it kept going. Finally it came to a chair scraping, people rushing out the doors halt after Italy won 2-1.

Before the chaos ensued I had sat a lovely couple. They ended up being journalists and I don’t think anything could have made working today more worth it and exciting than that. They gave me their cards and told me to contact them because of course I had mentioned I also love to write and am studying journalism.




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