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Go Fund Me ?



So far the magazine site isn’t actually getting any hits… or donations.

I guess I’ll give it until Friday and if there’s nothing I’ll pull the plug on my Women’s Surf magazine gofundme site but not the idea of it.

I am bummed but nothing will shake this idea from me.


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Vagabond hearts are thick as thieves and wander freely

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  1. Hey there, well done on coming up with a positive idea to influence women’s surfing. I had a quick read of the funding website – perhaps putting together a bit more of a business case might help you attract funding? Things like the size and location of your target audience, how the 6k of funding is to be used, and more specific aims and timescales for your project? Have you ever come across The Slideshow Magazine? It’s an online mag (free) aimed at cold water female surfers, and encourages women from all over the world to share their surfing photos and words. Might be worth a read for some inspiration in the meantime… good luck!


    • hey girl,
      I know you haven’t been on here if forever, but I’m hoping I can tempt you to come back by nominating you for the One Lovely Blog award! Details are in my most recent blog post.
      Hope everything’s good!


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