Welcome To My Mess

Grab a drink, slip out of your heels and pull up a bit of couch cushion before you dive into my ramblings.

Here’s the nitty-gritty on me:

I’m subconsciously fond of misplacing anything of importance.

I love to encourage people but more often than not, I mis-phrase everything and well… it doesn’t always end pretty.

I have a fat kid that lives in my stomach and I’m pretty sure he’s been in there since the day of my birth. Amazingly enough I’m not fat. Yet. Oh, and just because I love to eat in no way implies that I can cook. But let me tell you, I can sure as hell burn the crap out of anything!

My gypsy heart has taken me across the states. It even took me as far as Germany, England and France once.

I live by the beach and spend my time at work undressing mannequins, throwing outfits together for windows and giving customers any awkward advice they didn’t know they needed.

Need a writer? Please contact me at laurelissette@gmail.com Articles are my specialty!




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