My Beachin Work


This was my first attempt at merchandising our O’Neill Table at O’Neill Surf Shop in Santa Cruz. (My work).


This was when I got my hands on our Billabong rack. I brought the orange hoodie to the top to make sure that whole rack pulled together. There was also black beach pants as well as a black and tank top. On the left are shorts, another orange hoody and a black t-shirt. To the right is a strapless dress (from back to front), an orange sweater and that flower print spaghetti straps dress.


This was my very first SOLO attempt at a window display. It was our first display for Summer 2013.


After feeling so successful with my window display I focused on our bikini wall. It was a blank canvas and I wanted to tie it in to the window display. I used the same rope but wanted to fill the blank space in between the bikinis with something that fit the scene. I chose flip flops and beach totes. The beach ball was a toy I brought in from home.


Roxy is probably my favorite to re-merchandise. I decided to take what was the top shelf and place is vertically on the right end of the table. To balance the right side I pulled my bottom table to the left of the biggest table.  I found hooks and that sparked an idea to hang the shorts in the middle of my abstract tables. After that I pulled colors from the strapless dress that I placed on the far right table. So the top table has the greens and black and then the bottom table pulls in more green and the fuchsia strapless dress.  Also the middle table (largest) is made out of an outfit. The shirt on bottom table could also be worn with the shorts hanging on the same eye level.

IMG_1214 IMG_1213

These are all of the merchandising and window displays that I have captured on camera so far. More to come!

Don’t forget that when merchandising clothes there is always a color story.

Don’t mix a lot of patterns with out balancing solids.

Try to put outfits together.

Bring the eye to the back of the rack or table.

Don’t make it too crazy. You want your customers to focus on the product, not feel overwhelmed by it.

If you have any suggestions or ideas I would love to hear them!


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